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Reed Sigmon
Former Cast Member

Christopher Pinder is an exceptionally talented individual - an accomplished musician and a fantastic group leader. My experience with him was as an actor and singer in the Anne Arundel Community College production of The Addams Family Musical in Spring of 2017, for which Chris was Music Director. During that time, Chris demonstrated his passion and commitment to the project and to the individuals (of which there were over 20) whom he was directing, and maintained an unexpected level of fun while managing and helping the entire group meet their goals. The show would not have been a fraction the success that it was were it not for Chris' hand in it, and I would be more than happy to work with him again on future projects

Amanda N. Gunther "Theater Bloom"

Director Terry Bouma (and ADs Alyssa Bouma, Alexa Cripe, and Alex Foley) and Musical Director Chris Pinder have gathered together a fine assembly of talented young performers and created a quality production of this daunting musical monster. As the company’s namesake would indicate, the primary focus of the production is to tell the narrative story. Emotional punch is potently present in many of the solo moments delivered by the principals. There is a strong emotional current that leads the ensemble numbers as well. Musical Director in particular does an exceptional job of balancing the pit to keep with the performers on stage. Bouma and Pinder work together to create steadfast harmonic blends and swells of sound that resonate with resplendent pathos through every song.

Magdalene Urban
Stage Manager

I have stage managed multiple productions with Chris Pinder working in a variety of musical roles, including music director, conductor, assistant music director, and musician. In all of these positions, he always strives to find how the music best serves the story and the production as a whole. As a music director, Chris understands how to integrate music with the rest of production design and holds his department to the highest standards in pursuit of this collaboration. As a stage manager, I have found him to be a communicative and diligent conductor at every performance he is leading the orchestra pit. Chris approaches any issue from multiple perspectives and tries to find the most effective way to bring out the best performance in everyone. His problem solving and quick thinking has proved to be crucial on multiple occasions. Chris is always determined to put on the best performance night-after-night and brings consistency to even the most difficult productions.

Jason Crawford Samios-Uy "Backstage Baltimore"

Chris Pinder tackles this piece as its Music Director and his work is to be applauded. Teaching and working on a Sondheim score is no easy feat and Pinder has succeeded. He seems to understand the music and its nuances and he has guided his cast to give a splendid performance. Not only does he have a strong ensemble, vocally, he has a phenomenal orchestra backing them up. Well-rehearsed, and spot on, the orchestra is near flawless with this score and adds great value to the production as a whole. Included in the orchestra are Chris Pinder, Conductor; David Booth, Flute; Matt Elky, Clarinet; Allyson Wessley, Horn; Kevin Shields, Trumpet; Lynn Graham, Piano; John Keister, Synthesizer; Zachary Sotelo, Percussion; Naomi Chang-Zajic and Susan Beck, Violins; David Zajic and Kyle Gilbert, Viola; Ina O’Ryan and Juliana Torres, Cello; and Joe Surkiewicz, Bass.

Allyson Wesley
Trumpet and French Horn

When you work with Chris Pinder you know you will have a reliable conductor at the helm. He is always on top of things and truly knows how to work with both the orchestra and vocalists. He tries his best to make sure he has all your questions answered before you need to ask them which is very helpful in the rehearsal process. His conducting is very clear and he is very reliable when it comes to cues for both the orchestra and the ensemble. He studies his scores greatly and it really shows. He knows what he wants to hear from the orchestra and vocalists at all times and he will make sure that is known. If I could only work with one Music Director for the rest of my life it would hands down be Chris.

9 to 5 Review
Jason Crawford Samios-Uy "Backstage Baltimore"

As I said before, with Music & Lyrics by Dolly Parton, you can’t go wrong, but… I’m a huge fan, so I might be a little biased on that point. However, Music Direction by Rachel Sandler with Assistant Music Director Chris Pinder is as close to perfection as one can get for a production. All of the songs came across clear and well-rehearsed and the ensemble had their cues and harmonies down pat. It’s also worth mentioning the pit orchestra was aaahhh-mazing! At points, I thought I was listening to a polished recording and this orchestra didn’t falter once. The orchestra included: Ken Kimble (Piano/Conductor), Trent Goldsmith (Keyboard), James Rodak, Joe Calianno, Justin Kaley (Reeds), Randy Neilson and Tony Settineri (Trombone), Allyson Wesley (Trumpet and Flugelhorn), Diego Retana (Guitar), Reid Bowman (Bass), and Larry Berry and Andrew Bilbrey (Drums). Kudos to Sandler, Pinder, and the Pit Orchestra for a job very well done.

Lindsey Litka
Former Cast Member

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Pinder for the past year on two different productions, 9 to 5 the Musical and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. He has helped me to become a very aware performer; aware of my voice, my technique, and my relationship with my pit/sound designer. Working with him is always a pleasure. He is extremely professional and very easy to approach for advice or assistance. I have worked with many different production teams in North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland and out of all of the individuals I’ve associated with, Chris is on the top tier. I look forward to every production I get to embark on with him.

Jason Crawford Samios-Uy "Backstage Baltimore"

Emily Taylor and Chris Pinder tackle Music Direction for this production and their efforts are to be applauded. Using recorded music can be challenging, but Taylor and Pinder have this ensemble performing near flawlessly and bring Pasek and Paul’s score to life, vocally, with ease. The ensemble and individual performers are on key and in rhythm making for a tight, on point performance.

Rachel Sandler
Music Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris as a colleague in the Maryland theatre scene. Chris has an extremely wide variety of talents, from music direction, to percussion and piano, to keyboard patching, to sound knowledge. Chris has worked as my music assistant on multiple occasions and has never ceased to amaze me with what he can bring to the table. He is great at working with singers, and providing alternate and helpful feedback beyond what I can offer.  Chris is always willing to step into any scenario, and his problem solving skills are unparalleled, in all technical aspects of the theatre. I love working with Chris because he is a true collaborator and team player, and an all around joy to work with. He has proven himself to be reliable and professional in all situations, and he’s got the resumé to prove it. I highly recommend Chris for any music direction/ production team position.

Emily L. Sergo
Music Director

I have known Chris for 14 years, and I could not be more proud of the leader and educator he has become.


Not only has he been invaluable for his seemingly endless supply of musicians for pits, his work ethic and dedication to each production is something to be applauded. Having worked together in various ways on various shows since 2015, I can say he was always punctual and always prepared. When dealing with not-so-nice directors, designers, or crew members, he is always able to have a calm and professional demeanor, while still maintaining his authority and pride as a director on the artistic staff.


Because Chris has previous orchestral/band and choral experience, I think that makes him amazingly qualified and more well-rounded as a music director. He has an integrity and professionalism that can't be matched.

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